Lunch Box Noveen LB510 grey 12/230 Volt

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Lunch Box Noveen LB510 grey 12/230 Volt

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Lunch Box LB510 Grey Electric food heater – INOX interior Removable containers, dishwasher safe 230V mains power supply and 12V car power supply Heating meals in a short period of time: 60° C in 30 minutes! Total capacity 1 liter Thermal bag for maintaining temperature Electric food heater Lunch Box LB510 Grey is a combination of functionality and mobility. This solid and aesthetic device is equipped with a PTC heating element, which allows you to heat food up to 60° C in 30 minutes. The heater is closed tightly with snap fasteners that block the air access. This keeps your meal fresh for longer period of time. Lunch Box LB510 Grey is a solution for people who value activity and healthy diet. It is perfect for work, studies, travel, land and camping holidays. The LB510 Grey model has two power sources: mains 230 Volt and car 12 Volt. Key features of the LB510 Grey: CONVENIENT MEALS HEATING The device is equipped with a PTC heating element, which allows you to heat food up to 60°C within 30 minutes. Sealed closure allows you to maintain the temperature of your meal. MAINS POWER SUPPLY 230V Thanks to the power supply from 230V socket you can heat a meal and maintain its temperature. The operation of the device is indicated by a control LED. CAR POWER SUPPLY 12V The device is equipped with an additional 12V socket, which allows you to use the heater in your car. It is perfect for traveling, camping or driving. 3-CHAMBER CONTAINER Lunch Box contains of a removable 3-chamber INOX container, easy to clean in a dishwasher. INTERIOR MADE OF INOX STEEL The solid and aesthetic interior of the main container made of stainless steel (INOX) provides better durability. THERMAL BAG TO MAINTAIN THE TEMPERATURE The set includes a thermal bag, which additionally protects and maintains the temperature of the meal. The bag has additional space for a drink or fruits.

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